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Support Incident Analysis (Level 3)

Price: $600.00
Part Number: 10103
This level of support includes the following:
Remote Desktop Support (not offered unless suggested by a technician after troubleshooting has been done)

Sometimes a problem can be resolved quickly. 
However, often there is much additional work and troubleshooting time required. 

Sometimes, we will ask you to check something quickly and call us back. 

You must call us with responses within 3 business days or the process starts all over again.

Unless the incident is relatively simple and can be solved with one or two hoursyou will probably need to send components to AWP for evaluation, purchase replacement parts, 

or schedule onsite field support purchase. 
Some part replacements can only be performed by a technician onsite.

Remote Desktop Support is NOT intended to extend over hours of troubleshooting.